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Used Digital Cameras in South Africa  


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Buying used digital cameras in South Africa has become very common. This is not only because you get to buy at cheap prices, but it’s simply because you can get any camera you want. From a reliable shopping place which sells second hand digital cameras, you can expect to get a camera which looks brand new and has all the features working properly.

Well it’s very possible for you to get any used digital camera you want around this country. Read on to find out how and where.

Buying a Used Digital Camera in South Africa

Although buying a second hand product in South Africa is common in streets, you can still get to make a convenient purchase online. Yes, it’s true that there are online shopping sites from where you can manage to make your purchase on such products and also get free delivery.

The places I have mentioned in this page are some of these reliable shopping sites that you could use. From these sites you can get to review on the product and get more information on its specs and features. It’s very easy to buy a used digital camera in South Africa, and it’s much easier when doing it online. Click hereto view or buy available digital cameras.

Available Used Digital Cameras in South Africa

Well this might be a bit hard to believe, but any camera version you can think of, you would be able to get it in South Africa. In this case, I’m also referring to used cameras. You shouldn’t think of the word ‘used’ as retarded in this case. You can get used digital cameras in South Africa which stilllook like brand new cameras.

Since I’ve already stated that you can find any camera you want, I could probably be more specific by stating that the brands you could get are Sony, Kodak, HP, Samsung, Nikon, Compact, Fujifilm and others. All you have to do is make your search online. From online shopping of these gadgets, you will get to choose to buy from ordinary people and from online shopping sites.

Well I personally prefer that you buy used digital cameras in South Africa from online shops because you can’t be sure on buying from someone. People can make up stories just to get rid of their products, I’m sure you know that you can’t take or trust them in everything they say.

Where to Buy a Used Digital Camera in South Africa

As I had mentioned that there are many places that you could turn to in getting the camera you want. Well you could visit  Gum treeto find used digital cameras. You could even get the Canon 550d from such places at low prices which could be at prices lower than R7500. Well another place that you might try out in getting to choose any digital camera you want isBidorbuy. It still provides second hand digital cameras from Sony Nikon and others.You could also find out from the verified users category, who the owner is and probably why they are selling their cameras. 

Buy or sell South Africa is yet another place that could solve your problems in buying a second hand digital camera. Well with this place, you can guarantee yourself in getting any of the latest cameras from Casio and other common brands. The Casio cameras are designed in a revolutionary way and they have a minimum of 12 MP in all cameras. With as little as R3000 you can get any camera from this brand in this place.

Get a Reliable Used Digital Camera in South Africa

I’m sure you are now convinced that the best way in which you can go about getting a second hand convenient digital camera is through buying online. The best thing about all this is the fact that you don’t have to go anywhere as you simply have to order and buy online then have you product delivered to you at the time that you want. So go on and get any camera you want from the used digital cameras in South Africa.


  • You could get any  digital camera you want from  convenient online places
  • When buying a used digital camera online, you would have to buy form an online shop instead of buying from a stranger.
  • Any camera version can be found online and since you would be buying a used camera, you can get information on the previous owner of the camera.

Additional Information

I’m sure you know that with a digital camera, you can take breathtaking pictures. Pictures are memories, so with a good camera, such as a digital one, you can guaranteeyourself to producing interesting images. It’s very important that you choose the best digital camera, if you have the money you can just buy a much advanced one.

Other Places to Buy From

  •  SACamera

Telephone:0861 112 868/ 021 551 4460 

Web address:http://www.sacamera.co.za/ 

Fax: 086 517 5510 

Email: sales@sacamera.co.za

Residential address: Unit G5, Century Square -Heron Crescent-Century City-7441-Cape Town

  • GPB

Telephone: 0861 472 477 or (011)452-2097 / 79


Fax: (086)669-1493

Web address: http://www.gpbatteries.co.za/ 

  • Digital World

Web address: http://www.wholesaledigital.co.za/ 

Telephone: +27 13 7533474 

Fax: +27 13 7525199 

Postal Address: P.O Box 2986- Nelspruit, 1200- South Africa 

Cell Number: +27 824602139 

Info address: info@wholesaledigital.co.za 

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