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  Suppliers of Digital Cameras in South Africa  


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There are many options in South Africa from where you can acquire digital cameras. You have a wide array of different types of outlets which range from online auction sites (where you can bid with other consumers for a product) and you have each of the brand camera official sites. In this article I will be discussing the different suppliers of digital cameras in South Africa. I will pay particular emphasis on the places with good ratings.

You should know this as a consumer of products online; that shipping cost may vary according to the destination and exchange rate.

In the following guide we will review eight comprehensive suppliers of digital cameras in South Africa. I shall also supply you with a how to guide, to help assist you when purchasing a new or used digital camera. One of the tips on this guide being that as a consumer you should not by any means trust websites which are impartial on their reviews; you deserve to be supplied with proof and evidence not mere opinion when it comes to a product. So be careful of brand cheerleaders. On that note let us look into the first supplier of digital cameras in South Africa.

Our first runner up in the list of suppliers of digital cameras in South Africa is Take2. On their website you will be supplied with a wide range of electronic equipment. On their digital camera section, you will have a choice of different brands from Samsung, Sony, Canon, hp and others. They have a reasonable shipping cost, which is R29.00 ($4.14) within any place in South Africa (upon publication of this article there was free shipping within South Africa for any order above R350.00 ($50.00).

Outside the country the price will be dictated by the exchange rate at that time. You should also keep an eye out for special; promotions on given products available on this site. Pay the site a visit at Take2.co.za. The only problem I had with the site was the feeling of being crowded, with everything being everywhere. Other than that, they have quite a lot in their inventory.

The next supplier of digital cameras in South Africa we will be looking into will be Digital Planet. They have a lot of digital and multimedia products within their arsenal; ranging from games, movies, music, hardware, software, cameras, notebooks, laptops, personal computers and palmtops. But we are obviously interested in their digital camera section; of which in it they have brands like Olympus, Nikon, Sony, HP, Canon, Fuji and Genius.

 You have on this site at your disposal, a digital catalogue from which you can search their inventory by brand name. You can also refine your search by choosing the price range between which you are willing to pay and by category. Give the site a try at digitalplanet.co.za. The site is user friendly and when searching for something they always come up with exactly what you are looking for, if they have it on stock

Digital World is another one of the suppliers of digital cameras in South Africa. They offer a wide variety of camcorders, digital cameras, accessories and lenses. They also have a full warranty policy on their products and a delivery system you can trust in.

Brands of digital cameras they have include Sony, Pentax, Panasonic, Nikon, Kodak, Fuji, Casio and others. Prices range from the cheapest at the time of publication of this article being a Casio EX Z16 at R1 079.00 ($154.00), and the high end price camera being a Pentax K5 with 18-55mm lens at R19 349.00($2764.14). To view their digital catalogues go to digitalworld.co.za.

Kalahari.net is an online outlet which specializes not only on books as it has been critically acclaimed for but also for DVD’s, gaming and software products as well as cameras.  Click here to check out the range of cameras that they have.

Steps On How To Buy A Digital Camera

  • When making a purchase of a digital camera you should understand that as much as brand names may seem all sparkly and wonderful, an inexpensive no brand name camera may also do the job you need done, at a lower cost.


  • Are you up for the somewhat hassle of going through menus to take a picture or do you just want to point and press a button to get your picture. Basically do you really need a digital SLR.


  • Have a clear understanding of the grip most comfortable to you. Some cameras don’t come with a grip and some larger cameras have an uncomfortable grip.


  •  Contrary to popular believe don’t pay too much attention to the megapixels. You should note that a 5 or 6 megapixels sensor will give you a better quality image than a lesser quality 10 megapixel camera.


  • Pay attention to the time frame between pressing the button and the actual taking of the picture. Knowing the time lag will help you when for instance you are going to take pictures of actions; for example your children’s sports days. You need to get your hands on a camera with capabilities of minimum of 5 frames per second.


  • The battery type and make of your camera should also be considered. Most cameras these days no longer use the standard AA batteries but instead utilize proprietary batteries. Make sure you get a back up battery, as batteries have a tendency of dying on you at the wrong time.


  • You should contrast the benefits of the cameras weight quality and quantity. A digital SLR will supply you with better quality pictures but unfortunately it will weigh more and cost you more than a point and shoot digital camera. Believe me though; the final photo quality will be worth it.


  • Try to get a memory card format that is standard and popular; so that the transfer of your photos will be easier and convenient. SD (Secure Digital) is a well known format; with capacities reaching 32 gigabytes.


  • Have a good knowledge of the accessories that may compliment your digital camera of choice. Like for instance flash lights, for late night image taking on the Safari. Or Tripods for taking pictures of moving objects.


  • Take consideration of the cameras zoom capabilities. You can use the zoom function to get close ups and zoom out.

I hope this article is of great assistance to you on gaining knowledge pertaining suppliers of digital cameras in South Africa. The listed outlets have received good ratings and reviews from many different consumers, including yours truly.


Additional Information

You can go onto price check to compare the different prices on different brands of digital cameras from varying outlets. If you are up for it you can also go onto smokoo to bid for the digital cameras available there, both new and used ones. Amazon.com also has digital cameras for sale in its inventory, with shipping cost being determined by your position on the planet.

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