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Compact digital cameras in South Africa  


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Are you tired of using old, huge worn-out digital cameras, cameras that don’t even take the best pictures. Well if take you time to read through this article I will outline for you the best Compact digital cameras in South Africa.

Best compact digital cameras

The Canon Power Shot A495 comes in three different colours; the Canon A495has a 10.1 MP lens with 3.3x optical zoom

and asmart auto intelligently selects from 18 predefined shooting modes. It has a large, clear 2.5-inch LCD. It takes its power from two AA batteries which enable it to power up immediately. Its price range from R740.90 to R1, 001.00 you can get this camera from any of these stores Purple fly trading.co.za and at Webantics.co.za . The Conon is no.1 of the best Compact digital cameras in South Africa.

Fujifilm Finepix XP10is one of the most powerful cameras. It looks as if it’s a sporting camera with its slim andsleek looking design. The good thing about it is that it iswaterproof and dustproof. It is water-resistantup to a depth of 3 meters. Not forgetting when it slips from the hand, fear not because it’s also shockproof up to a height of 1meter. It can also withstand temperatures of up to - 10 degrees. TheXP10 features optical zoom lens,a 12MP sensor with a 2.7 inch LCD,and features 720p HD video recording, 5x (36-180mm equiv.)and AF tracking that allows you to upload your pictures easily on the internet. The XP10 is no.2 of the best Compact digital cameras in South Africa. For great buying deals please visit  Shopmania.co.zawith prices that range from R1.055,41 - R1.734,82.

Best for tech-minded gadget lovers

The Nikon S1100pj  can be edited, reviewed and composed it’s Images on 3”in TFT LCD. It also uses anti-glare coatings; this is an adjustment slider for better image brightness to complement the lighting conditions. The camera has a 5-Way VR stabilization system. This combines multiple technologies to smoothen the bumps if you are taking pictures under low light. In situations you can't just use the flash.It has a 14.1-megapixel CCD sensor for stunning image quality, 5x optical zoom, it also has a built in slide show with music. This camera is good for tech minded gadget lovers. You can get this amazing camera at any o these stores Shopbot.co.zaand Pricecheck.co.zawith its price ranging from R2,142.32 to R4,213.95.

Fujifilm W3 3D

The Fujifilm W3 3D was officially launched in 14 September 2010 in South Africa and is the world’s first 3D camera. This camera allows you to capture photos and movies in HD 3D (High Definition 3D). Images and videos can be previewed in its 3.5” lenticular HD LCD. It’s basically a 10MP but in HD with 3x zoom lens. For more information about the Fujifilm W3 3D simply logon to Techsmart.co.za. This is the most advanced Compact digital camera in South Africa.

A professional photographer knows which camera they want and which camera to use when taking a particular image. One thing I like about compact digital cameras is that they can fit in anywhere you try to fit them. Compact digital cameras can be fitted in pockets, bags, handbags, man bags or even purses. You should also suggest this to some of your friends.


  • Best compact digital cameras these are the best cameras in the market. They come in different colours to select from. You can get them at a low price that ranges from R740.90 to R1.734,82. These type of digital cameras have got lady like features which makes it suitable to be carried by anyone more especially ladies. And these cameras are user-friendly and portable too. They also come with good looking tiny carry bags
  • Best for tech-minded gadget lovers – These are cameras that come with 3D HD image and video capturing. And easy connection to projectors for quick and easy preview. Their prices are worth the gadget but they range from R2, 142.32 to R4, 969.00. But these type of cameras are suitable for tech mined people because it comes with all the features that an ordinary person won’t understand 

Additional Information

Compact digital cameras have an ideal way of producing quality images. The best thing about them is that they a very portable. The most advanced compact digital camera brand these days is the Nikon brand. Nikon is well known for its good quality image capturing.

Places to get Compact digital cameras

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 digital cameras in south africa